Driven Broaching Unit, Live Tool Holders with quick change system “QuickFlex®” gained high attention - High interest in WTO live tool holders for Turn-Mill Centers.

Like in the last years several turning centers of leading manufactures

were equipped with precision toolholders from WTO. “This combination of high-end technologies creates unique productivity advantages like higher accuracy, better surface finishing and higher productivity”, stated Sascha Tschiggfrei (President WTO).

WTO Gear Hobbing and Broaching Units on Turn-Mill Centers
Demonstrated on the new and fully with WTO precision toolholders equipped DMG MORI NLX 2500 | 700 for maximal productivity, flexibility and reliability:
- Gear Hobbing unit with ± 30° scale swing and machining quality according to standard AGMA 8

- Broaching Unit enables state of the art manufacturing of key ways with CNC Turn-Mill Centers.

A high light for visitors at the EMAG booth was the VL4 equipped with live tool holders from WTO.

QuickFlex® at its best was demonstrated by a Jyoti AX 300 CNC turning center!
Minimal investment by simply clamp the cutting tool directly in the QuickFlex® tool holder using a standard ER collet and maximal expandability by adding the quick change function for reducing tool change time with QuickFlex® adapters.

The AX 300 with VDI 40 turret was equipped with QuickFlex® precision live tool holders.

Manufacturing complex parts with high efficiency was demonstrated at the LMW booth. The LL20MYS with sub-spindle and y-axis was equipped with VDI 30 static and precision live tool holders “Performance Series®” from WTO.

The Performance Series® is developed for high cutting performance. Optimized for each Turn-Mill Center, this program combines innovative technology and top quality. The higher cutting performance of the Performance Series® provides an enormous cost saving potential by reducing cycle time for drilling and milling. Through this, your machine will achieve higher productivity.

The Vertical Turn-Mill Center LVS25 using a VDI 40 turret was equipped with WTO Performance Series® to show the full performance of the machine.