To fullfit the high demands of Swiss customers UTILIS AG, WTO´s distribution partner for Switzerland, presented a perfect product portfolio at the major National trade show PRODEX in Basel/Switzerland.

Like in the last years UTILIS AG presented his own brand “Multidec” and the products of their main trade partners. Focus on the WTO products on display were the driven precision toolholders for Swiss Type turning center models with the innovative thread whirling unit, the quick change system “QuickFlex®” and the Performance Series®.


messebesucher   „The very good relationship with our distribution partner
   UTILIS was the reason for a fruitful conversation with many
   visitors” summarized Andreas Bardmann, the sales
   director of WTO. Mario Marcario, Managing Director
   UTILIS AG, was in tie with this: the positive customer
   response and the success of the trade show go back to
   UTILIS’s mission statement: “…we represent the most
   efficient and sustainable suppliers in Switzerland and can
   offer a full range of cutting and holding tools”.“The quality
   of the exhibition visitors was very high. We were having
   many specific and deep discussions. Despite the Saturday
   was dropped we had more visitors on our booth than last
time.” reviewed Jürg Bornemann, marketing manager UTILIS AG.


At this year’s PRODEX leading machine tool manufacturers like DMG/Mori Seiki, Emco, Mazak, Victor Taichung etc. equipped several of their turning centers with static and driven precision toolholders to demonstrate their high performance.


For example the Josef Binkert AG had an on-going live demonstration running on a Mori Seiki NLX 2500 SY equipped with static and driven precision toolholders from WTO machining a complex part.




Argonag AG EMCO’s distribution partner for Switzerland displayed several EMCO turning centres with static and driven toolholders from WTO:

…including a Maxxturn 65 machining a complex work piece:



WENK AG, Mazak’s distribution partner for Switzerland displayed a Hyper Quadrex 200 MSY with Coromant Capto® precision toolholders from WTO:
This modular quick change system for turning centers, according to ISO 26623, enables highest stability and rigidity combined with high flexibility. The manufacturing of the work piece demonstrates that high cutting performance and surface finish can be reached when using this system.



QuickFlex® at it‘s best!

A Victor Vturn-A20Y was displayed from the Schweizer Maschinen Import AG (Victor’s distribution partner for Switzerland). The turning center was equipped with a new BMT turret and QuickFlex® driven precision toolholders from WTO. 

Minimal investment by simply clamp the cutting tool directly in the QuickFlex® toolholder using a standard ER collet and maximal expandability by adding the quick change function for reducing tool change time with QuickFlex® adapters. These are significant advantages of the QuickFlex® system.




PRODEX is the most important international trade show for the metalworking industry in Switzerland. Total registration for the five-day event, which ran from November 20 to 23, was over 29,000 (2010: 30,000) visitors PRODEX covered 198,000 square feet of exhibit space with 315 (2010: 296) companies with over 1,000 suppliers.

The next PRODEX will take place in Basel in 2014.